Standard Drawings


200 – Construction in the Right-of-Way

STD-200—Temporary Access to Construction Sites

400 – Water Systems

STD-401—Typical Utility Trench Detail
STD-402—Typical Water Line Crossing at Sewer Mains
STD-403—Typical Commercial & Mult-Family Water Service Detail
STD-404—Typical Residential Water Service Detail
STD-404B—Typical Residential Water Service Stub Detail
STD-405—Valve Detail
STD-406—Valve Thrust Blocking Detail
STD-407—Thrust Block Detail
STD-408—Hydrant Detail
STD-409—Typical Blow-Off Assembly
STD-410—Manual Air Relief Detail
STD-411—Air/Vacuum Relief Valve Detail
STD-412—Large (1 1/2" and 2") Irrigation Meter Pit Detail
STD-413—Typical 4-Inch and Larger Water Service Stub Detail

500 – Sanitary Sewer Systems

STD-500—Sanitary Sewer Service and Main Insulation Requirements
STD-510—Sanitary Sewer Lid
STD-512-1—Sanitary Sewer Manhole (Sheet 1 of 3)
STD-512-2—Sanitary Sewer Manhole - Dog House Base (Sheet 2 of 3)
STD-512-3—Sanitary Sewer Manhole - Precast Base (Sheet 3 of 3)
STD-513—Typical Internal Service Drop Structure and Standoff
STD-514—Utility Access Road
STD-520—Standard Sewer Service Stub
STD-521—Typical Clean-out Details
STD-530—Hydrocarbons, Oil, Grit and Sand (HOGS) Wastewater Interceptor
STD-531—Fats, Oils, Grease and Garbage (FOGG) Wastewater Interceptor
STD-540—Residential S.T.E.P. Tank
STD-541—External Ejector Pump Standard
STD-542—High Water Alarm Manhole with On-Site Transmitter
STD-550—Standard Sewer Lift Station (Sheet 1 of 3)
STD-550—Standard Sewer Lift Station (Sheet 2 of 3)
STD-550—Standard Sewer Lift Station (Sheet 3 of 3)
STD-555—Force Main Termination Detail

600 – Storm Water Systems

STD-600—36" Combination Curb Inlet Frame & Grate
STD-601—24" Combination Curb Inlet Frame & Grate
STD-604A—Storm Water Ring
STD-604B—Storm Water Solid Lid
STD-604C—Area Drain Grate
STD-604D—ADA Area Drain Grate
STD-605—Storm Water Lockable Lid and Frame
STD-607—Curb Opening
STD-608—Curb Opening Through Sidewalk Section to Landscape
STD-612-1—Storm Water Manhole (Sheet 1 of 3)
STD-612-2—Storm Water Manhole - Dog House Base (Sheet 2 of 3)
STD-612-3—Storm Water Manhole - Precast Base (Sheet 3 of 3)
STD-614—Standard Catch Basin
STD-616—Standard 8' Precast Dry Well
STD-630—Typical Fuel Island Canopy and Containment Cove Gutter
STD-632—Footing Drain System
STD-650—Temporary Gravel Construction Entrance
STD-651—Inlet Protection
STD-652—Perimeter Control

700 – Transportation Systems

STD-700—Local/Residential Street Sections
STD-701—Collector Street Sections
STD-702—Arterial Street Sections
STD-703—Asphalt Paving Section / Residential Street
STD-704Asphalt Paving Section / Collector Street
STD-705—Alley Paving - Crown Graded
STD-706—Alley Paving - Invert Graded
STD-707—Alley Paving - Offset Graded
STD-708—Typical Public Street with Cove Gutter Intersection
STD-709—Traffic Calming Circle
STD-710—Modified Traffic Calming Circle
STD-711—Visibility Obstruction Triangle
STD-712-1—Bus-Stop Pull-Out
STD-712-2—Bus-Stop Pull-Out
STD-712-3—Bus-Stop Pull-Out
STD-713-1—Mail-Stop Pull-Out
STD-713-2—Mail-Stop Pull-Out
STD-713-3—Mail-Stop Pull-Out
STD-714—Typical End-of-Roadway Barricade Detail
STD-720—Typical Boulevard Sign Base / Public Right-of-Way
STD-721—Typical Street Sign Standard
STD-722—Typical Sign Locations
STD-730—Typical Street Marking Standard
STD-740—Typical "L" Type Curb & Gutter
STD-741—Modified "L" Type Curb & Gutter (laydown)
STD-742—Typical "A" Type Curb & Gutter (monolithic)
STD-743—Typical "B" Type Curb (landscape/standup curb)
STD-744—Asphalt Cutting, Removal and Replacement / Adjacent to Curb & Gutter
STD-745—Typical 2' Valley Gutter
STD-750—Detectable Warning Panel
STD-751-1—Curb Ramp Details
STD-751-2—Curb Ramp Details
STD-751-3—Curb Ramp Details
STD-751-4—Curb Ramp Details 
STD-752—Typical Sidewalk Section
STD-753—Typical Sidewalk Section / Downtown - Central Business District
STD-754—Typical Sidewalk Specification / Downtown - Central Business District
STD-760—Typical Mailbox Location and Mounting Height
STD-761—Bike Rack Design
STD-762—Typical End-of-Walkway Barricade Detail
STD-770—Typical Driveway Locations
STD-771—Standard Driveway Opening for Boulevard Sidewalk / Less than 25 Parking Spaces
STD-772—Standard Driveway Opening for Curbside Sidewalk / Less than 25 Parking Spaces
STD-773—Modified Driveway Opening / Less than 25 Parking Spaces
STD-774—Commercial Driveway - Curbside Sidewalk / 25 or More Parking Spaces
STD-775—Commercial Driveway - Boulevard Sidewalk / 25 or More Parking Spaces
STD-776—Typical Driveway Controlled Entrance
STD-777—On-Street Parking Space to Intersection Dimensions
STD-778—Accessible Parking Spaces / On-Street Parallel
STD-779—Accessible Parking Spaces / On-Street Angled—To be updated
STD-780—On-Street Parking Design Guidelines—To be updated
STD-781—Alley Access Parking Requirements—To be updated
STD-782-1—Accessible Parking Spaces Abutting Sidewalk
STD-782-2—Accessible Parking Spaces Abutting Sidewalk
STD-783—Accessible Parking Spaces with Access Aisle
STD-784—Parking Layout and Design Guidelines
STD-785—Accessible Parking Spaces Requirements and Specifications
STD-786-1—Parking Lot Design Elements
STD-786-2—Parking Lot Design Elements
STD-787—Accessible Parking Spaces Signage Requirements
STD-788—Bollard Detail