Proposed Water Fees

Currently, Missoula Water pays for all new construction meters and any meter needing to be replaced due to negligence by the customer. Missoula Water would like to have the cost-causer be responsible for paying for a new construction meter during the permitting process and when negligence occurs on the part of the customer. 

There is also no charge in place for the owner of a private hydrant when they request for Missoula Water to perform hydrant inspections and flow tests. 

Due to water tap materials increasing by 18% since the City’s ownership, Missoula Water is requesting to increase the current tap fees and split out the fees depending on the size of the water main. Multiple other cities in Montana have similar charges to their customers.

Proposed Water Fees Postcard June 2020
Proposed Water Fees

PUBLIC HEARING: July 13, 2020 at 6 p.m.

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