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Ordinances adopted but not yet codified and emergency/urgency ordinances

Ordinance 3648:  

An ordinance amending Title 20, Missoula Municipal Code, the City Zoning Ordinance, Residential Districts Chapter sections 20.05.040.D 20.05.050.B, Table 20.05-3; Other Regulations sections 20.05.060, 20.10.050, 20.15.0060 in Residential, Business and Commercial, and Industrial Districts Chapters; Use and Building Specific Standards Chapter section 20.40.180; Accessory Uses and Structures Chapter section 20.45.060.B.1; Nonconformities Chapter section 20.80.020.B; Terminology Chapter section 20.100.A; and Measurements and Exceptions Chapter section 20.110.010, and adding a new sub-section F to section 20.110.050, all related to Townhome Exemption Development (TED). (Effective 11/06/2019)

Ordinance 3655:  

A zoning ordinance amending Title 20, Missoula City Zoning Ordinance Chapter 20.40, 4 creating a new Section 20.40.055, and Chapter 20.105, amending Section 20.105.030 establishing a new use entitled “Extreme Weather Shelter” and providing regulations governing the use.

Subdivision Regulation

Subdivision Regulations  

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