Water Projects

Missoula Water has implemented a water main replacement program to reduce leakage and replace aging water mains. The projects shown here are critical to achieving that goal. In addition to water main projects, the City completes other water system infrastructure projects that keep the system working at an efficient and optimal level of service for our customers.

  1. lincoln hills water storage tanks

Lincoln Hills Water Storage Tank Projects

Location:  Two new water storage tanks will be constructed next to the two current water tanks off of Contour Rd. and Lincoln Hills Dr., as shown on the map below.

Description:  This project will replace two undersized aging metal tanks up in Lincoln Hills. The Lower Lincoln Hills tank will be a partially buried, cast-in-place concrete tank installed adjacent to the existing tank. The Upper Lincoln Hills tank will be a fully buried, cast-in-place concrete tank and will also be installed next to the existing metal tank.

Crews will begin with the upper tank but will alternate between the two sites as needed during construction to make the best use of their time. There will be periods when the concrete needs to cure, so crews can work on the other tank during this time. Alternating between the two tanks will better help get both tanks installed according to the schedule.  

The Public Works & Mobility Department has partnered with Missoula Parks & Recreation’s Conservation Lands staff to ensure that the sites are restored to a natural condition. Before excavation work begins to clear the area where the new upper tank will be installed, P&R staff will collect some of the native plant species and move them to their greenhouse. The plants will be cared for there until the construction work is done, and they can be replanted on areas where vegetation was cleared. Conservation staff have already been working on raising additional native plant species in their greenhouse that will be planted along with the removed plants.

Prospect Construction is the contractor who will be doing the construction.

Benefits:  Replacing these tanks was identified as a priority project in our Water Facility Plan because the undersized tanks cause a multitude of issues, especially excessive pump cycling, which leads to pumps and motors wearing out more quickly. The new tanks will also provide more storage capacity for Missoula Water customers and firefighting needs.

Project Dates:  Begins April 18 with a scheduled completion date of November 15 for the upper tank and December 1 for the lower tank. These dates are subject to change due to weather and other circumstances.

Project Map (pdf)

Project Contact:   Andy Schultz, City Engineer for Utilities, 406-552-6758 or SchultzA@ci.missoula.mt.us

  1. upper prospect water tank installation

Water Line Loan Program

Want to replace your water service line? Here's a link to information on the City's Water Line Loan Program: