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Park and Recreation Administrative Offices

600 Cregg Lane, inside Currents Aquatics Center at McCormick Park, 406-721-7275 (PARK)

Park Operations -  Urban Forestry, Conservation Lands Management, Parks Systems and Services, Park Maintenance

100 Hickory Street, 406-523-6253

Currents Indoor Aquatics Center

600 Cregg Lane, McCormick Park, 406-721-7275 (PARK)

Splash Montana Outdoor Waterpark

3001 Bancroft, 406-542-9283 (WAVE)

Sports and Wellness Gym in City Life

1515 Fairview, 406-721-7275 (PARK)

Planning Documents

2004 Master Parks and Recreation Plan for the Greater Missoula Area
Adopted May, 2004
Master Parks and Recreation Plan Annual Update (Coming Jan. 2018)
Email Donna Gaukler
2006 Missoula Urban Area Open Space Plan (PDF)
Updated September, 2006
Email Elizabeth Erickson
2010 Missoula Conservation Lands Management Plan (PDF)
Adopted August, 2010
Email Morgan Valliant
2011 City-County Parks Needs Assessment Survey (PDF)
March, 2011
Email Donna Gaukler
2011 Missoula Active Transportation Plan (MATP) (PDF)
Adopted 2011
Development Services Email Jessica Morriss
2012 Fort Missoula Regional Park Master Plan (PDF)
Adopted 2012
Email Donna Gaukler
2014 Park Asset Management Plan (PDF)
Adopted January, 2014
Email David Selvage
2014 City of Missoula Park Maintenance Division Turf Management Plan (PDF)
Adopted February, 2014
Email Bob Worthen
2015 City of Missoula, Montana Urban Forest Master Management Plan (PDF)
Adopted April, 2015
Email Chris Boza
Top 10 Objectives, Missoula Growth Policy (PDF)
Development Services Email Tom Zavitz 552-6632
Email Laval Means 552-6632
Recreation Fee Schedules
2017 Adopted
2018 Draft (in adoption process now)
Email Shirley Kinsey
Missoula Parks and Recreation Design Manual, 2018 Edition (PDF), for Public Right-of-Ways, Greenways and Other Public Recreation Facilities (supercedes the 2015 Public Landscape and Recreation Facilities Design Manual)Email Chris Boza 552-6270
Email Bob Worthen 552-6269

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