Current Projects

Fort Missoula:


Photographic Documentation 


As-Built Plans & Elevations
Demo. Update 2/20/17  
Demo. Update 2/27/17  
Demo. Update 3/24/17  
Demo. Update 4/4/17 




216 W. Main Street - Studebaker Building

Historic Preservation Demolition Ordinance Amendment Completed


Amendments to update and clarify existing language to Title 20.85.085.J: Criteria and Procedure for Review of Relocation and Demolition of Historic Resources - Historic Demolition/Relocation Permit. The proposed amendments were reviewed during a City Council public hearing on July 23rd, 2018. A motion was made to adopt the amendments into law and was passed unanimously. The Agency Memo and ordinance can be viewed here.      

Moon Randolph Homestead Documentation 

In the summer of 2018, the Moon Randolph Homestead hosted it's first historic preservation intern. Tina McCarthy joined us for five weeks from Western Massachusetts. She braved the wilds of this Missoula summer through hail, downpours and heat, all while living in a wall tent on site. Tina conducted measured drawings of the homestead's iconic (and very detailed) barn. See her work and more information here