Family Cremation Graves

Our family cremation section sits in a newer area of the cemetery that continues to evolve.  This option allows families a very affordable way to remain together forever.

Please review cemetery rules for:  purchases and assignments

Family cremation2

Helpful suggestions:

  • Contact the cemetery to review grave assignments in advance of an illness or death
  • Place copies of written, notarized assignments on file at the cemetery
  • Tell family members where to find interment instructions


Cost: $700 per grave site
Includes: Grave allows placement of four cremations
Placement: Two cremations in front of and two cremations in back of stone
All second interment fees are waived in this section.
Additional costs: Opening/closing the grave and polyvault for each cremation


Foundation: Strip foundation provided by cemetery
Hearth: 48" long x up to 15" (maximum) width
Tablet style
Inscriptions: Front and back of monument
Monument permit fee is waived in this section.
Vases installed on hearth