Monument Requirements and Forms

We understand the importance of choosing monuments that provide a lasting memorial for your loved ones. Our cemetery showcases a wide assortment of monuments that include grass level markers and upright monuments.

For a complete understanding of monument requirements, please review monument regulations (PDF) and board adopted policies (PDF).

Our cemetery staff is always available to assist in answering your questions and guide you through the monument setting process.

Monument and foundation requirements 

Monument size, mow strip allowance

Monument Placement Process and Forms

Step 1

Pre-Verification Form Allows cemetery to assess ground conditions that may interfere with placing a monument.  Valid for 60 calendar days.

Step 2

Permit Form 1. Permit and fees are due upon sale of the monument.  Monument size and estimated delivery date are required.  
​2. Monuments delivered by April 15 will be set by Memorial Day.  After this date, the cemetery will make every attempt to set monuments by Memorial Day.
3. Monument deliveries are scheduled M-F between 8am and 2:30pm with monument acceptance based on compliance with cemetery requirements.​

Special Requests

Variance Form The intent of Missoula City Cemetery is to adhere to cemetery ordinance, yet in certain situations a variance or deviation may be warranted due to special or extenuating circumstances.
​Submit a variance form, a drawing that shows the design of the monument, the monument layout on the foundation, and all measurements for the monument and foundation for cemetery review.​


  Check-In at Cemetery Office          Vases              Wet Sets      
    Missoula City Cemetery is pleased to offer additional monument services for the families we serve.

Important guidelines to consider:

  • All monuments must be granite or military bronze.
  • Size restriction is determined by grave location.
  • Memorials equal usage of a grave and are in place of an interment.
  • Consider flower needs when purchasing. Vases on a hearth allow for year round flower placement.
Monument setting example
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