Pineview Park

Renovation Project
Pineview Park's long awaited face-lift began in 2009 and was completed in 2010. The 4.5-acre renovated park, located in the Rattlesnake, includes a new playground, picnic shelter, irrigation system, tennis courts, ice rink enhancements, trails, and landscaping.

At the request of neighborhood residents, the renovation project is funded by a Special Improvement District (SID) which affects about 1,700 property owners in the Rattlesnake neighborhood and will result in increased property taxes of about $36 per household annually for 20 years. The total project cost is approximately $750,000.

Resources and Information
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  • For more information, contact Parks and Recreation Parks and Trails Development Manager Dave Shaw at 406-552-6264.
  • For more information about the history of Pineview Park and the Pineview Park Board, visit the Pineview Park Board website.