Plans and Documents

2012 Missoula Long Range Transportation Plan (LRTP)
Staff prepares a long range Transportation Plan every four years. This document contains the fiscally constrained plan that looks at all federal and state resources expected to be received over the next 20 years and lists projects that could be completed using the anticipated funding.  This plan is approved by a diversity of agencies including Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), and Montana Department of Transportation (MDT).
2011 Missoula Active Transportation Plan (MATP)

The 2011 Missoula Active Transportation Plan replaces the previous 2001 Non-Motorized Transportation Plan. The MATP lays out the community's vision for the bike and pedestrian components of the larger, multi-modal transportation system, recommends new policies and designs and provides a list of proposed projects from which the MPO can draw in prioritizing federal aid transportation funding for bike and pedestrian infrastructure.
2013 Community Transportation Safety Plan (CTSP)

The Community Transportation Safety Plan, adopted in 2013, establishes a strategy for reducing traffic fatalities and crashes throughout the metropolitan planning area. The plan lays out a general methodology that is consistent with the State's Comprehensive Highway Safety Plan, but at the community level. A key component of the CTSP is to establish ongoing goals and objectives to improve the overall safety of our transportation system.
2016 Transportation Improvement Plan (TIP)

Developed in cooperation with local, state and federal agencies, the Transportation Improvement Program lays out a priority list of projects to be carried over a five-year period. The TIP includes a financial plan that demonstrates how the TIP projects can be implemented, and is required to be updated at least every four years. The TIP is essentially the incremental implementation of the Long Range Transportation Plan, presenting manageable components of funding the long-range plan to partner agencies and to the public. For information on federal funds obligated in the TIP for FFY 2015, click here.
2016 Unified Planning Work Program (UPWP)

The Unified Planning Work Program describes transportation planning activities that will occur in the Missoula area during the Federal Fiscal Year that runs from October 1st through September 30th. The UPWP contains work elements such as administration, public involvement and long and short-range planning. Each element describes objectives, accomplishments for the past fiscal year and planned activities for the next year.

2015 Public Participation Plan (PPP)

The purpose of the Public Participation Plan is to outline the MPO's typical processes, timelines, and public notification and participation requirements associated with the development of transportation planning documents. The PPP is designed to ensure a proactive public involvement process that guarantees the opportunity for the public to be involved in all phases of the planning process.