Adopt a Traffic Circle

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  • Most local traffic circles were established at the request of the neighborhood property owners.
  • They were constructed and funded in collaboration with the City of Missoula to provide traffic safety.
  • Initially, corner property owners volunteered to maintain the landscaping.
  • Now that many years have passed, the City has established this program to help maintain them.

View all Traffic Circle locations and current adoptions

Do you live near a traffic circle?

Grant funds are available to make your circle vibrant and lovely!

  • Apply for up to $150 for purchases for your traffic circle, such as plant materials, ooze tubes, etc.
  • Apply for a Traffic Circle Grant
  • Traffic Circle Grant Reimbursement Form (PDF)
  • Expenditures must be pre-approved on a grant application before claims are made.
  • The Missoula County Extension is also available to provide assistance with your adoption. The Master Gardeners would love to work with you and make your traffic circle attractive and sustainable.