Current Projects in City Planning

 We also have a list of recently completed projects from the last five years. Below is a list of current projects:  

  • Proposed Future Land Use Map Amendments for North Reserve/Scott Street Area

     - In conjunction with final consideration of the North Reserve Scott Street Master Plan, the City of Missoula, Development Services is proposing targeted amendments to the general Future Land Use Map that is part of the Our Missoula 2035 City Growth Policy. These amendments create consistency and help to implement the vision concept from the Master Plan. The proposed map amendments will be available for review and comment at the Community Workshop for the North Reserve Scott Street Master Plan.
  • For additional information regarding the City Growth Policy and existing land uses, please see the Our Missoula page

    The Community Workshop is from 6:30 to 8:30 PM on Wednesday, September 21st at Ruby's Inn, 4825 N Reserve St., Missoula.

    Comments on the targeted amendment to the Future Land Use Designation Map are being collected through October 5th and may also be submitted to Laval Means.

  • Our Missoula City Growth Policy Adopted

     - The City Growth Policy was adopted at the November 23, 2015 City Council Meeting. The adopted and published document can be accessed here: Document, Land Use Map. A hard copy can be viewed at the City of Missoula, Development Services, 435 Ryman St., Missoula, MT 59804. If you have any questions please contact Tom Zavitz or Laval Means.
  • Annual Title 20 (Zoning) Maintenance

      - The annual Title 20 Update Amendments are in process. Annual review of Missoula‚Äôs zoning code is intended to make the ordinance easier to read and interpret. It also includes a mandate to maintain and update the ordinance on a regular basis. This process of regular review and updates allows staff to collect potential amendments and propose changes in an efficient way while also complying with the regulation amendment procedures set forth in Chapter 20.85 of the zoning code.

    Part of updating the regulations includes keeping current with City guiding policy and best practices. The recently adopted City of Missoula Growth Policy recommends potential policy work that would help to guide development and requires consideration of new and modified zoning tools in order to implement.

    The Proposed Amendments are shown as strike-through and underline. For reference, see the City zoning code (Title 20).

    The Planning Board will have an informational meeting on September 20 and a public hearing on October 4, 2016 (agenda).City Council will have a public hearing at a time to be determined. Please forward comments to Jen Gress.
  • Urban Fringe Development Area Project (UFDA)

  • Tourist Home Regulation Amendments

    - The Tourist Home Amendments project is a City Council Initiated proposal to allow Tourist Home Use in residential zoning districts and add license and inspection requirements.  Tourist Homes are currently allowed in business and commercial districts.  The amendments and agency memo can be viewed at Development Services, City Hall, 435 Ryman, Missoula, Montana.
    A Tourist Home is a private home or condominium that is not occupied by an owner or manager and is rented, leased, or furnished in its entirety to transient guests on a daily or weekly basis.  Tourist homes are also known as "vacation rentals" or "vacation rental by owner".  This ordinance does not apply to long term rentals or short term room rentals.

    The Missoula Consolidated Planning Board will conduct a public hearing on the following item on Tuesday, July 19, 2016, at 7:00 p.m., in the Missoula City Council Chambers located at 140 W. Pine Street in Missoula, Montana. Public comments can be made at the meeting or mailed to Tom Zavitz, Development Services, City Hall, 435 Ryman, Missoula, Montana 59802.  Public comments can also be sent to Tom Zavitz.